Does the Event cost anything?

Coming to the event to enjoy the atmosphere, lights and music is completely free. There are a number of free actvities to do, but as the event is to raise money for charity, a small donation in one of the tins is massively appreciated, but not compulsory. Items for sale are chargeable.

What Time Does The Event Start?

The lights are switched on at 5pm, along with the festive music. You can arrive early, but for the best fun and magic, turning up just before 5pm is best!

Does all the of the money go to charity?

The simple answer is yes, but it is slightly more complicated than that. All of the money taken on the resident stalls and activites goes to charity, however the xmas market and food traders have paid a small fee to be there which does go to charity, but they keep the money they mak – if we didn’t let them, they wouldn’t turn up

Can I Get A Bus To The Event?

Absolutely. The Stagecoach services S & R will take you straight to the street, either at the end of or just around the corner.

Can I Get Involved?

Yes! We welcome anyone with new ideas and more people to help lightens the load. We would prefer however, more residents, rather than people leaving outside the area.

Is There Parking?

The event is on the street and also a bus route. If you drive to the event please do not park on Birchy Barton Hill or Ribston Avenue. Most importantly park respectfully of the neighbourhood and do not park on a corner (the buses can’t get around and then the police are called)

Is the event safe?

Yes! Absolutely! Our number one priority is the safety of everyone involved – volunteers, stall holders and guests. A large number of the organisers are first aid trained and will be wearing hi-viz jackets. We also perform a full risk assessment of the event before and during to ensure we have as many bases covered as possible. 

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